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Empowerment and Recovery Through Creativity!

PSA Art Awakenings is a psycho social rehabilitation program for adults and art therapy program for youth who are challenged by serious behavioral health issues and mental illnesses. Studios throughout Arizona offer therapeutic programs and expressive arts therapy in a supportive setting to promote mental health, personal growth, vocational training, and physical wellness through the performing and visual arts. Old Bisbee, Downtown Phoenix, Casa Grande and Tucson Galleries, art exhibits, First Friday and First Saturday Art Walks and other venues offer artists opportunities to sell their paintings, sculptures, mosaics, jewelry, fine art, music, poetry, and writings to benefit from art sales. Staff include art therapists, behavioral health professionals, peers, family members and volunteers.
Art Saves Lives!

First Friday Phoenix

First Friday Phoenix

April 6th, 2018

"Spring" by Laura M, acrylic, $100.00 "Peacock" by Laura M, acrylic, $140.00 "Butterfly" by Laura M, acrylic, $100.00 "On The Road Again" by S Corpron, acrylic, $45.00 "Heavenly" by Linda G, acrylic, $75.00 "Under The Sea Mermaids" by Della, mixed media, $40.00 "Canelle Subha" by Noor, candle, $30.00 "A Moment: In the Galaxy" by Linda G, mixed media, $40.00 "Audio Wave" by Scott H, acrylic, $50.00 "Incomplete Kisses" by *Priscilla R, watercolor, $45.00 "Illumination of Sorrow" by Brandy R, acrylic, $45.00 "Lost in Thought" by *Priscilla R, watercolor, $45.00 "Reflections On The Lake" by Laura B, acrylic $40.00 "Navigating Through A Bipolar Sea" by Mistienne M, acrylic, $75.00 "Light Houses of Lake Havasu, AZ" by Mistienne M, acrylic, $125.00 "A Please" by S Corpron, acrylic, $35.00 "Sunflowers in Spring" by Brandy R, furniture, $125.00 "Purple Leaves" by Ce Ce, acrylic, $40.00 "Stained Glass" by Laura M, acrylic, $125.00 "Temptation" by Brandy R, acrylic, $35.00 "Xipe Totec (Aztec God of Spring)" by Beva C, acrylic, $100.00 "Mandela" by Evelyn P, acrylic, $100.00 "Turtle" by Stephanie, acrylic, $15.00 "Owl Watcher" by Carol J, acrylic $30.00 "Dusk" by Stephanie K, acrylic $30.00 "The Shaman (Dia De Los Muretos)" by Beva C, mixed media, $100.00 "Family is Forever" by KLA Katrina A, acrylic, $20.00 "Rise Of The Dragon" by Clay A, acrylic, NFS "Colors Of You" by Sophia-Lynn K, acrylic, $60.00 "Tres Gatos" by J Bunn, ink print, $280.00 "Lizard" by Scott G, acrylic, $10.00 "P8triotic Joy" by Jennifer R, mosaic, $125.00 "Night Sky" by Amanda M, acrylic, $40.00 "Dragon" by Richard C, artist's proof-intaglio print, NFS "Eden" by Steven A, charcoal, $80.00 "Battle of the Sexes" by Demeatris R, graphite, $30.00 "Positively Dressed Man" by Demeatris R, graphite, $30.00 "Tunnel Vision" by Steve A, charcoal, $30.00 "Dragon" by Richard C, artist's proof-intaglio print, NFS "Untitled" by Steve A, charcoal, NFS "Ra Boom" by Brandy R, mixed media, $45.00 "Don't Lose Hope" by GS, acrylic, $20.00 "Happiness" by Brabara M, acrylic, $70.00 "Panda in Bamboo" by Huynh-Cuc N, acrylic, $60.00 "Blazing Summer" by Brandy R, acyrlic, $130.00 "Jump Into Spring" by Brandy R, acrylic, $130.00 "Violet Fusion" by Brandy R, acrylic, $55.00 "Contrast: Unleashed (set of 4)" by Scott G, acrylic, $55.00 each, $200 for all 4 "Soul Mates" by Keepin, acrylic, $60.00 "Hope Springs Eternal" by KB, acrylic, $40.00 "Release" by Denise B, acrylic, $95.00 "Face" by KC, acrylic, $40.00 "Garden" by KP, acrylic, $70.00 "Indian at Peace" by Ellen P, acrylic, $70.00
To purchase, please send an email to robert.demeter@azpsa.org We will process your payment securely via PayPal.